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Daughters of the American Revolution: Gen. Peter Gansevoort Chapter
   Purpose: to promote patriotism, education and historic preservation
Daughters of the American Revolution: Tawasentha Chapter
   Purpose: to promote patriotism, education and historic preservation
Delmar Community Orchestra
   Purpose: to provide a vehicle for talented individuals of all ages to express themselves within the formal atmosphere of an orchestra
Delmar Craft and Service Club
Delmar Dolfins
   Purpose: to provide a competitive age-group swimming program designed to help develop swimmers
Delmar Progress Club
   Purpose: to promote intelligent interest in literature, art, science, philanthropy and the vital questions of the day
Delmar Track and Field Club
   Purpose: to provide area youth age 6-18 with an opportunity to try out various track and field events; to foster a love of track and field in the younger generation
Delmar Writers’ Group
   Purpose: to provide local writers in all genres and levels of experience the opportunity to meet and share their work; offer and receive positive critique; provide information about publication, workshops and readings in the greater Albany area

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Adult education
Antiques and collectibles
Arts and crafts
Environment-conservation and education
Family support and well-being
Scholarship and awards
Senior citizens
Service organizations
Sports and recreation-adult
Sports and recreation-youth
Writing and speaking